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November 24th, 2011 8:00 AM | 35 Comments


It’s time for freebies! Your chance to win at another make up giveaway! MAC Cosmetics just launched there Glitter and Ice Collection and you have a chance to win this amazing collection, just in time for the Holidays along with a copy of my new DVD Glam Guide: “How to Apply Professional Make up At Home!”    Here is what you have to do to win! Lipsticks, Eyeshadows, brushes, galore and more!!

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1. Share the link to this giveaway on Facebook!  2.Subscribe to our You Tube Channel  3. In the comments section below, please tell me your age and what your favorite make up line is! (no matter what cost, it can be an expensive brand or drugstore brand)


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  • Mrs Virginiablackwell

    I m and I love anything sephora and for drug store wet n wild!!

    • Mrs Virginiablackwell

      Im 25

  • Miloni

    I’m 36 and one of my many favorite lines is MAC.

  • Shannon Hill

    I am 29 and I swear by bare minerals.

  • Keoho2000

    I am 58 yrs old…I use Lancome cosmetics..

  • Deena Villarreal

    im 25 and my favorites r cover girl.. nyx… nyc and mac

  • Meltonr13

    I love MAC eyeshadow because the colors come out perfect with just one application. I also like NYX cosmetics, I have the small pallete with eyeshadows, base, and the illuminator because it helps bring out my eye color just like it says.

    • Meltonr13

      I am 20 years old.

  • Bellam7117

    I’m 29 and love MAC.. But I can’t make myself buy any as a single mother.. I do love NYX, urban decay,tarte, anything really. I can make anything work:)

  • Mandie_garcia85

    Im 25 about to turn 26 in 22 days and I love Mac makeup!! But I also use whatever I can get I make it all work I love eyeshadows!!!!

  • Steph Naea

    I am 20, and I LOVE MAC eyeshadow pallets and concealers!!! I use to use almay products from walmart, untill i tried MAC’s products && fell in love:) it’s pricey but so worth it!

  • Karen R.

    I’m 27 and my favorite makeup brand is Maybelline and Urban Decay.

  • beautyisaction

    I’m 17 and I adore Shiseido and MAC! They are always on point.

  • donawah

    I’m 20 and I loveee two-faced and MAC!

  • Mariamaso

    Hi I’m 30 and I love all kinds of make up.

  • Staceyaqua

    Hi I’m 38, in 18 days will be 39 yrs young! I am horrible with knowledge of make up,but would like to learn more! I have used Clinique,CoverGirl,MaryKay all have been good to me!

  • Piscesbug1980

    I am 31 and my favorite makeup is mac but I like the loreal mascara.

  • deborah

    I love Mac lipstick

  • Shedevilmelinda

    Melinda,28, and my favorite brand is Perscriptives

  • veronica_n

    veronica,20,mac! :)

  • Traci G

    I really love Urban Decay and I’m 25.

  • Kaytlyn H.

    I’m 16, and I have an addiction to Hard Candy make up <3 Though Mac is a close runner up when I can buy it. :D

  • C. Michelle B

    Eeek! painful as it is for me to say…34. I love afterglow

  • Luckee_6669

    My favorite brand is Hard Candy. I’m 21.

  • Kerri S

    I love Bare Escentuals and of course MAC, and Urban Decay ;)

    • Kerri S

      yeah 35 but geesh I hate saying that ;(

  • Kerri S

    Oh and Im 35 shhh (dont tell anyone) Dying for your video btw ;)

  • Bmwgav07

    I’m 29 and I love cover girl!

  • Kgmakeup

    Im 21, 22 in 3 weeks and my favorite line in MAC and Laura Mercier!

  • Silla

    Hello, I am 33 years old & loving life :) I have tons of Urban Decay eyeshadow but my favorite is actually the .99 cents Sally Girl baked eyeshadows! I use them wet as eyeliner & I love all the colors!

  • Mlh42

    I just saw your website and I love it!!! I am always looking for new ways to do my eyes and lips. Thank You for this website. I am 48 and I use MAC I would love to try the new products that MAC put out for this season.Michele

  • Jamiejy

    My favorite makeup is smash box and Mac

  • Jamiejy

    Forgot my age I will say in the 35-45 range and I love smash box and Mac

  • Kerri

    Hey Briana are there more monthly give aways coming in the new year? Im hoping to score some cool stuff this year Again <3 your info you provide helps me feel great about myself ;)

  • Oriana Harris

    M-A-C!!!! My second favourite is Sephora!!!