Kardashian Khroma Makeup Products

January 5th, 2013 12:01 AM | 2 Comments

I have been waiting to review the Kardashian Khroma makeup products ever since the announcement 6 months ago! As Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian promised the makeup line to be of luxury- at an affordable cost. Now, being a lover of all things luxurious, I mean, I’ve had my fair share of Dior, Chanel and a little Dolce, so I was curious to see if this Kardashian makeup product would stand to my sense of luxury and affordability. I got lucky and snagged the last of the Kardazzle Palettes- the Khlodazzle, and was pleasantly surprised!

kardashian khroma makeup products

What It Is: Kardazzle Palettes ($12.99) come with 8 eyeshadow shades (4 matter and 4 shimmer), a blush, bronzer and highlight shade.

What It Claims To Do: According to Khroma Beauty, “The sisters wanted to share their access to luxury formulas with their fans. And Khroma Beauty does just that! It is a prestige product range with high quality formulas at very accessible prices. Each product has been designed with Kourtney’s, Kim’s and Khloé’s direction, input and guidance. Every product formula has been tested and approved by all three girls.”

What It Does: Allows you to recreate the signature Kardashian makeup looks from Kim’s smokey eyes, to Khloe’s more natural eye look, to the ever makeup requested Kardashian contouring cheek look.

kardashian khroma makeup products

How It Works: In a tiny palette, fits in the palm of your hand, reveals 8 eyeshadow shades, and mirror, with a sliding bottom panel which reveals three cheek colors to create your Kardashian contour cheek look.

My Results: Having tried MANY drugstore brands, when I felt these eyeshadow shades and saw the pigments, I knew right away which brand this reminded me of- Wet and Wild! The eyeshadows are very pigmented and creamy and glide on very well. It was nice to have the 4 matte shades as options for other eye makeup looks. I loved the shimmer gold shade (the first one from left to right in the photo above)! The blush bronzer and highlight shades went on nicely, too! However, after a few hours the eyeshadows did oxidize and were not a vibrant as they first went on- very much the same as the Wet and Wild ones do. (FYI- I did use them with a primer.) Therefore, I highly recommend the Kardashian Khroma makeup products for a great everyday look, but would not use these in a photo shoot or perhaps anytime I want a long wear or photofinish product. I mean, you do get 8 shadows and three cheek shades for only $12.99. A great value- I must say! It was very hard to pin point this one because first of all I love the sleek packaging, and the pigments. The ONLY downfall is the shadow pigments didnt last on my lids, so for that I was a little disappointed, and for that I would have to rate this product a B+.

kardashian khroma makeup products

Where To Buy: CVS Stores and your local Ulta or on Ulta.com here!

Pro’s: Great pigment and texture and an affordable price for all that you get! I love the fact that everything comes in a cute little compact, all nicely tight in a sleek presentation.

Con’s: Eyeshadow colors do oxidize and tend to look muddy after a 8 hour day, so I recommend them for daytime use, or not for a photoshoot or a long night out on the town. Sure, they are a great value for $12.99, but when you compare them to the BH Cosmetics line (where pigments last all day and night) for 120 shades for $20, it is hard to compete.

I didn’t have a chance to try out the nude lipgloss or the flase eyelashes because just about everything was sold out. I was lucky to snag my Khlodazzle Palette, but I will end up trying out all the Kardashian Khroma makeup products and will be reviewing them all so stay tuned!

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  • Bnii

    I wasn;t really excited for their products but after seeing your swatches, i might try something :)

    • http://www.makeupminutes.com Brianna

      Thanks! I am excited to try out some of their other products too!